Week One of the 2012 Summer Reading Program

Wow!  This summer is off to a great start at the Morristown Public Library! 

38 people attended Tuesday's session for ages 0 - 6 and 40 more attended Jim Doyle's Thursday session for those between the ages of 7 and 11.   A special thanks to Jim and ALL the volunteers that have helped to make OUR library the best it could possibly be!



The July 11th teen workshop with the StoryCrafters of Philmont, NY was totally cool and we learned a new game called Vampire that I cannot wait to play at my next slumber party! 

Have you ever seen a Blue Jay nest?

A Blue Jay nest was found in the library parking lot.  Two of the four eggs are still intact and half-again as large as a Robin's egg.  The nest is the size of a coconut.  "Read More" to see a picture.


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