A Close-Knit Group

The Morristown Public Library's knitting club, A Close-Knit Group, will reconvene on Wednesday afternoons beginning September 12th at 1:30. Join us any Wednesday that you are able for an hour of knitting, crocheting, learning and sharing!

Nancy Sander's "Puppets with Pizazz" August 2012

Oh yes.  The sun always shines on the Morristown Public Library.  And the morning of this show there was also (in addition to the lovely sunshine) fabulous family entertainment with Nancy Sander's rendition of Jack and the Beanstalk.

52 came out to count along with the carrot-faced giant, help Jack find the clown and LAUGH.  Yes indeedy doo, we certainly laughed.  Thank you Nancy for sharing your wonderful show!


Thompson Park Zoo Animals Welcomed to Morristown by 77 Patrons in July of 2012!

Our weekly Summer Reading programs make the library seem full, right?  Each of the three weekly programs average about 40 visitors and yes, the room seems full.  If you thought that amount of people was like salmon fishing in Alaska (shoulder-to-shoulder) then you should have seen the reception Thompson Park Zoo received.  WOW.  WOW.  WOW. 

Woo Hoo! Nikki Johnson-Poole Donates HUGE Supply of School Supplies to the library for Fall 2012!

Remember Nikki from the Exteme Coupon Workshop?  Well she's at it again!  She has collected dozens of brand-spanking-new pens, pencils, crayons and bottles of glue and donated them all to the Morristown Public Library!  We will use her generous donation as part of our Summer Reading Program's prizes which will be distributed to EVERYONE who turns in a reading record at our Award Ceremony Friday, August 17th at Chapman Park.  Thank you, Nikki!  Thank you, Kandi for delivering the items!  You both are most certainly part of the sun that always shines on the Morristown Public Library!


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