Bella-Brooke Vineyard and Winery

Frederic Remington Art Museum

Wright's Marine

Pam and Jim Boyle

Robert Lacy and Jen McReady

Bell and Paul Chevigny

Kate Ferris and Tim Schlachter

Tracy and David VanArnam

RB Lawrence

Ella's Restaurant

Maple City Auto

Gail Zeek

Sholette's Liquor Store

Michele Whalen and Valerie Summer

Valerie Summer Therapeutic Massage

Jane Smithers

Kathryn and Raymond Kondrat

Stout's Ready Mix

Pepsi Cola Ogdensburg Bottlers

Diane and Robert Williams

Erin and Jason Begel

Martha Fay Miller

Beverly Camalier and Keith Wilson

Carol and David Beckner

Sandy and Sandra Shine

The Lemke Family

Kathleen Rogers

Virginia and Robert LaClair

Bill Breitenbuecher and Mike Gardner

Mary Catherine Spilman

Julie and Bill Henderson

Ethel Slocum

Valley Maples Construction, Inc.

The Freight House

Echoes on the Lake

Blue Heron Realty

Bedrock Cafe

Mary Colatriano

Steve Goobic

Constance Howard

Karen Moquin

Hope and Doug Mayhew

Debby and John Perretta

Dawn and Gary Mourick

Diane and Robert LaRock

Patricia Glover

Joan Wright

Barbara and David Luce

Jane Scott and Dr. Alexander Kuehl

Nancy Arras

Stacey, Eric, Grace and Grant Brunet

Emily and Tom LaMont

Jim and Maryalice Blake

In memory of Jamie and Lyle Woodcock by Patricia Woodcock

Jackie Cushman

Carol and Dale Walts

Arthur and Patricia Whalen

Parkway Express

Fish Bone Cafe

The Monteith Gallery

Mare's Wares

Langbrook Golf Course

Mack's Inn


Barbara and Noel Whitman

Danielle Barse

Arthur Connor

Glass Goat at River Road Farm

Radiant Gem River House Soap

Barbara and Andrew Rozyczko

Carol Shoemaker

Jane Martinovich

Melanie Connor

Julie and Alvin Austin

River Forge

Corning Incorporated

Salon 1020

Connie and Ted Martin

Sandwich Warehouse

Wisner Family Trust

Judith Norman

Robert Hankins

Susan and James Pepe

Ann and Bahram Sayari

Anne and Paul Spilman

Ann Fenlong

Ann and Jim Doyle

Anne and Randall Frick

Carol Moshier

Rick and Carolyn Johnson

Wayne Foley

Barbara R Potter

Michele and Donald Gately

Ken and Jill Chase

Toleda and Bob Mathews

The Considine Family Trust

Sandy Adams Photography

Betty Clements

Dirty Gringo

Bill's Tire Center

Gran-View Restaurant

Gloria Scott Johnson

Judy and Jack Taylor

Patricia Woodcock

Jerry and Susan Rathbun

River Rat Cheese

Sandy and John Kelly

Frank Putman

Cindy and Herb Holmes

Sue and Will Girard

Laurence Heininger, P.E.

Cheryl and Pat Foy