Island in the River by John McNally

1st Place Community Award

Juror of Awards Scott Ouderkirk

"John captured the river sky spectacularly.  Great composition.  He says a lot without over painting."






Early Morning Mist by Tarryl Gabel

2nd Place Tracy and David Vanarnam Award

Juror of Awards Scott Ouderkirk

"Tarryl found a way to show the atmosphere and depth of the area.  The subtle brush stroke she used for the sun is beautiful."





Chapman's by Jerry Merrill

3rd Place Simone Chevigny Kirtz Award

Juror of Awards Scott Ouderkirk


"Jerry not only found the image here, but also the time period of the original building.  The stacked composition is nice as well."









Purple Don't Care about Rain by Catherine Whitehead

Honorable Mention Bounty of St Lawrence County Award

Juror of Awards Scott Ouderkirk


"Catherine has a nice sense of color.  Interesting composition.  The small square section at the top right of this painting is just beautiful."








Chapman Point Shadow Play by Diane Leifheit

Wright's Marine People's Choice Award






Maddie's Field by Catherine Whitehead

Island View Funeral Services Artists' Choice Award