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Artists are listed chronologically by registration date.

Sarah White - New York, NY.  Sarah has been working mainly in watercolor, pastel, and collage since her 1999 retirement from the French Dept. of Franklin and Marshall College, where she taught for over 20 years.  Her poetry has appeared in numerous magazines and several books, most recently Alice Ages and Ages (Blaze Vox, 2010).  She lives in New York City.  Visit her at

Bell Chevigny - New York, NY.  When Bell retired from teaching literature, she took up painting.  She has come north all her life to the cabin her grandfather built in 1912, and has recently begun to paint there.

Judy Soprano - Rochester, NY.  Judy grew up on a farm so her love for the rural scenes is easily seen in all of her paintings.  She works in both oil and watercolor but she loves to draw...her sketch pad is her constant companion.

Frederick J. Holman - Brant Lake, NY.  What began as an interest in refining his drawing skills turned into a passion for exploring the joys of nature and the challenge of the inanimate object through painting.  He is a Landscape Architect and Planner by profession, so the outdoors and creating beautiful, functional spaces have been part of his life for over 40 years.

Lisa Noviasky - Syracuse, NY.  Lisa has always enjoyed painting but only in the past several years has she been able to immerse herself in it as a true occupation.  Her works are primarily plein air using a limited palette of oil colors.  She hopes viewers feel a response similar to that which she felt while painting a piece.

Janet Marie Yeates - Northville, NY.  Janet paints on location to celebrate nature and the fascinating ways light and weather transform the landscape.  "When I successfully focus on the crucial elements of a composition, I arrive at a serene perception of being part of a brief episode in time," she remarks.  Visit her website gallery at

Kathleen Kelly - Morristown, NY.  Kathleen paints in the tradition of all the artists over the centuries, from a sense of passion and love for seeing, and for playing with art materials.  She credits Henry Vyfinkle of Brockville, Ontario for introducing her to art, and light the fire beneath her.  "I am a happy person because of art", she quietly remarked.

Diane Bellenger - Rochester, NY.  "Rochester is my home and creating art is my life long passion".  Since retiring, Diane has been able to devote full time to drawing colored pencil and plein air painting in acrylic.  She finds subject matter locally, in the Adirondacks and along the shores of Maine.  She exhibits at the Rochester Art Club, the Suburban Rochester Art Group, the Rochester Area Colored Pencil Group, the Genesee Valley Pelin Air Painters and the Main Street Artists Gallery and Studio.

Jan Byington - Clayton, NY.  Inspired by the environments of Cape Cod, the Chesapeake Bay and since 1986 the Thousand Islands, Jan's art most often includes the natural landscape of woods and water, the works of Man that survive the test of time such as old buildings and bridges, and nautical elements like boats both old and new.  "I look for qualities in my subjects that make them unique and that add a sense of being in that place".  Visit her at

Donna Glahn - Mountain Top, PA.  Donna lives in the Pocono area of Pennsylvania and resides at Black Lake in the summer where she is inspired by the beauty of the Thousand Islands area.  She is a member of the River Arts Alliance and PAPTIR.  Her focus is in watercolors, acrylics and mixed media.  She has enjoyed creating art since childhood.

Kate Long - Syracuse, NY.  Kate is a longtime summer resident of Morristown.  She has an BFA in Art and Illustraion from SUNY at Buffalo.  Although Kate worked as a Medical Illustrator for many years, her artistic inclinations turned to painting, drawing and ceramics (because they are more fun). 

Robert P. Hedden - Wellesley Island, NY.  Bob is founder and event organizer of Plein Air Painters Thousand Islands Region, a chapter of Plein Air Painters, NY.  Bob is also founder and organizer of the Annual Artists' Studio Tour, 1000 Islands Region, NY which just completed its second year with 29 artists at twenty locations from Redwood to Cape Vincent, NY.  Visit Robert's website here.

Bomette Shine - Brier Hill, NY.  Bonnie modestly refers to her work as a "sometimes hobby".  She loves to experiment with brushes and knives, color and perspective.  Up to this point her family has been the only lucky ones to appreciate her work, but Bonnie loves the library and will "stick her neck out" in support of their programs.  Thank you, Bonnie! 


Lisa Hackett - Baltimore, MD.  Lisa majored in art at Elmira College, specializing in print making.  She has been a staff artist and then Art Director of the Daily Progress in Charlottesville, VA.  She donates her art services on a regular basis and exhibits regularly at the Baltimore Festival of the Arts.

Ethel Slocum - Morristown, NY

Emily Conger - Lansdowne, Ontario.  Emily was raised in Virginia, visited Gouverneur, NY and Black Lake as a child and began drawing and painting at an early age.  She immigrated to Canada in 1969 and maintains dual citizenship.  She has studied art extensively and continues to take art classes whenever possible.

Linda McCausland - Clayton, NY.  A native of New York State, Linda entered the artistic field commercially by designing and marketing needlepoint kits.  Following an early career in biochemeisty she earned a degree in Commercial Art from the University of Cincinnati and studied classical oil painting and drawing at the Pennsylvania academy of Fine Arts.  "In my art, I like to concentrate on the interaciton of color", she states.

Scott Ouderkirk - Hammond, NY.

Lori McCall - Liverpool, NY.  "I've spent many summer days on Grindstone Island and am always inspired by the beauty of the area.  After a group trip to Saranac Lake a few years ago I discovered plein air painting and look forward to painting outside every chance I get.  It allows me to enjoy my art and get outside and hike and enjoy the spring, summer, fall and even a few winter painting trips.  I hope to eventually paint and travel throughout the US."  Visit Lori online here

Jacqueline Washburn - Hammond, NY.  Having lived in upstate New York most of her life, Jackie's love of nature and art seemed a natural marriage.  "There is so much inspiration everywhere you look, not just in the summer.  I really enjoy painting in the winter, the shadows on the snow are so dramatic."  Jackie's first medium choice is watercolors, but the last few years she has used acrylic and truly loves to paint with them.


Mary Ann Evans - Morristown, NY.