2013 Sponsors

 Ann and James Doyle

Cape Air

Bell and Paul Chevigny

Henry's Plumbing

Bridget and Robert Dolan

A Close-Knit Group

Judy and Jack Taylor

Mary Ann Evans of Mare's Wares

Melanie Connor of Radiant Gem

Deb Monteith of Twisted by Choice

Ethel Slocum

June Ross

Jillian Gilmour

Mickey and Marty Snye of River Forge

Patricia and Arthur Whalen

J.T. Phillips Insurance Agency

Turner Inn http://www.turnerinn.com/location.html

The Bedrock Cafe

Corning Incorporated

Valerie Summer Massage

Main Street Diner

Brewer Bookstore at St Lawrence University

Wayne Latham, General Contractor

Wright's Marine

Morristown Fuel and Supply Company, Inc.

Riverview Mechanicals

Michele Whalen and Valerie Summer

Janet Moller

Louise Strong

Lisa and Phil Cree

Kathleen and James Kelly

Patricia Glover

Jamieson Steele

Dick Davis

Anne and Randall Frick

Carol and Jim Jackson

Carole Barkley

Patricia and Joseph Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Blake

Carolyn and Richard Johnson

Gail Zeek

Dawn Mourick

Carol and David Beckner

Mary Catherine Spilman

Robert Lacy and Jen McCready

Carolyn and Kevin Thibert

Roxanne and Hugh Frame

Ann Fenlong

Arthur Connor

Mark Murtagh

Ann and Ronald Reid

Charlene and Joe Ott

Susan Wright

Kathryn and Raymond Kondrat

Beverly Camalier

Sean Pidgeon

Gloria Scott Johnson

Diane and Robert LaRock

Melissa and George Billman

Betty Hall

Shirley and Warren Wisner

Judy and Bruce VanArnam

Shirley and Richard Austin

Kathleen Pomeroy

Nancy and Peter Arras

Colleen and George Aldridge

Marcia and Darrell Merkel

Margaret Murray

Barbara and David Luce

Carol Walts

Mary and Jim Michaels

Rose and Bruce Tallon

Ellen and David Yerger

Jane and Larry Kring

Lois Langtry

Bill Breitenbeucher

Ann and James Doyle (again!)

Sue and Rick Ekman

Paula and Greg Brunette

Judith and Richard Norman

Margaret and Jack Wylie

Joan Wright

Canvas Lady

United Technologies

Sandra and John Kelly

Sally and Bob Moore

Stephen Goobic

Nikki Johnson-Poole

Emily and John Lamont

Betsy Mathews

Wayne P. Sardullo

Blue Heron Realty

Ethel Slocum

Carol and David Beckner (again!)

Judy and Jack Taylor (again!)

Jane Smithers

Scott Ouderkirk

Brewer Bookstore at SLU

Connie and Ted Martin