2013 Door Prizes

  won by Nancy Arras

Danielle Barse donated this beautiful Princess House 8.75 quart dutch oven and...

won by Ann Doyle and Ellen Yerger

TWO of this beautiful 5 quart dutch oven

 won by Barbara Potter

a carved owl by Jack Taylor

won by Terry Micelli

won by Kate Cunningham

Decorative planters from Nikki Johnson-Poole

won by Christa Tolbert

"Spaghetti a deux"  - A basket full of homemade marinara, wine and pasta donated by Lois Langtry of St. Lawrence River Real Estate Co. LLC

won by Connie Shutts

A basket of wine and accessories from Bella-Brooke Vineyard & Winery

won by Bill Henderson

black walnut-topped end table courtesy of Jamie Henderson. 

 won by Christa Tolbert

Wood carvings courtesy of Jack Taylor, along with one four-hour private lesson.

 won by Robert Heddon

A large serving bowl courtesy of Mary Ann Evans of Mare's Wares Pottery.   

won by Lois Langtry

 Grape leaf bowl courtesy of Melanie Connor.

won by Charles O Nevin and Gail Zeek respectively

Jewelry courtesy of  Deb Montieth

 won by Amy Forgit

A Roy Slocum print courtesy of Ethel Slocum.



won by Lois Langtry

 Decorative hook Courtesy of Martin Snye of River Forge

won by Kathy Weirs

This donation was made by Bridget Whalen-Nevin.  The pieces are assembled by machine and then hand quilted.  Currently on display the library, Main St., Morristown, this prize is a give-away.  All persons who buy art at the Sunday Silent Auction will be entered to win.

won by Gail Zeek

Ceramic planter courtesy of June Ross.


won by Ellen Long

A Salmon Falls Stoneware baking dish courtesy of Jillian Gilmour.

won by Nate Santore

A handmade back pack filled with goodies from Lois Langtry


won by Adele Pierce

Michael Ringer's "The River" coffeetable book from St. Lawrence Galleries in Alexandria Bay

And more:




5% Discount on meals (show your Plein Air postcard) at The Bedrock Cafe

Free cup of coffee (show your Plein Air postcard) with the purchase of a meal at The Main Street Diner


1-hour massage - Valerie Summer Massage won by Donna Glahn

Pat Whalen's specialty mustard Barbara Potter, Colleen Aldridge, Toleda Mathews, Nancy Lazarra, Linda McCausland

2 Gift Certificates from Turner Inn Valerie Summer and Mary Ann Evans

2 Gift Certificates from Canvas Lady Mahlon Clements and Mary Michaels

$75 Gift Certificate from Brewer Bookstore, St Lawrence University won by Betty Clements