Jan Romeiser, Clifton Springs, NY.  Jan had always enjoyed art classes in high school.  Although it had been a big part of her, she did not pursue an education in it.  She kept her hand at it for a while after she married in 1976.  Kids were born and life flew by with little time for painting.  She began painting again in 2006 after her daughters gave her everything she needed to start.  In 2009, she started painting at the Pat Rini Rohrer Gallery and Studio II in Canandaigua.  She has taken workshops with Judy Soprano, Dick Kane, Ann Larsen, Elaine Liberio and a number of other artists.  Under their guidance (and lots of independent painting) her talent is developing.  In 2011 she discovered Plein Air painting.  "Growing up on a farm, I have always loved being outdoors.  Plein Air painting is a new way for me to experience the beautiful creation around us.  Being creative, in a small way, or in a large way is a gift from God.  We need to find our gifts, our talents, whatever they may be in, and develop them." 


Janet Marie Yeates, Northville, NY  Janet Marie Yeates explores new regions and makes new friends while creating oil paintings on location. "I've observed so many exquisite sights that challenge me to think fast and work fast. Although I've enjoyed life as an artist and designer, plein air painting provides the most excitement and personal rewards. Plein air festivals build community pride and afford people an opportunity to meet artists and see works unfold."



Elaine Liberio, Palmyra, NY.  Liberio Art.  Elaine has always been in love with painting and was greatly influenced by her uncle, oil painter, Edward Lennon.  She studied painting and printmaking FLCC and Empire State College and currently is an active member of Wayne County Council for the Arts and the Western Wayne Arts Group in New York State.  She exhibits and sells her art and offers workshops and classes in oil painting, watercolor and drawing.  One of her most fun workshops is "Oil Painting with Rags.  No Brushes Allowed".  She has also developed a love for Plein Air painting, winning the People's Choice Award in 2013 at the Seneca Lake Plein Air Painting Festival.  Recently, Elaine has teamed up with two other artists, Tina Yannotti Burgess and Jan Romeiser to form "artiststhree" showing their work together around the Finger Lakes, NY. 


Frederick Holman, Brant Lake, NY  Fred Holman started painting in 2005.  What began as an interest in refining his drawing skills turned into a passion for exploring the joys of nature and the challenge of the inanimate object through painting.  He is a Landscape Architect and Planner by profession, so the outdoors and creating beautiful, functional spaces have been part of his life for over 40 years.   A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design Painting and Drawing Certificate Program in 2007, Fred obtained the knowledge needed to use his natural talent in his paintings.  He has explored many mediums, but today oil is his preferred medium to paint still life’s, portraits or landscapes. Fred’s studio is located on the Schroon River in Brant Lake, New York.   Fred currently sits on the Board of Directors of the North Country Arts Center and is a member of the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council and the Saratoga Arts Council.  His work has been shown at these venues and in the juried art shows in the southern Adirondack region.  In 2012 he won the “Artists Guild Award” at the Adirondack Plein Air Festival in Saranac Lake, New York.


Diane Leifheit, Paul Smiths, NY  "I've been working plein air and with the figure and faces in pastel in the Adirondacks for over fifteen years. I look to capture the spirit of the  landscape – the feel of the sun, the riffle of breeze. With people, I paint what I see, fair witness to who the person is at that moment.    To capture the essence, to create resonance in the image. That is the goal."



Sandra Hildreth, Saranac Lake, NY  Sandra is a retired high school art teacher who worked in northern New York and now lives and paints in Saranac Lake. "I’ve painted all my life but it wasn’t until I discovered plein air painting that I really found my passion. It enables me to be outdoors in all the seasons, hiking, paddling, or skiing and at the same times provides an opportunity to record the places I experience. I hope my paintings cultivate a respect for the wild and beautiful places on our planet.” Hildreth is also the organizer of the very successful Adirondack Plein Air Festival, which will be Aug 17-22, 2015.



Bonnie J McGown, Ringwood, NJ  "I was born a northern girl on Long Island in New York.  When I was in elementary school my family moved to sunny Miami, Florida.  Lucky for  me, Miami was a wonderful place to grow up.  I always loved art and even had some private painting lessons in grammar school.  Following my passion I went to college as an Art major.  I studied with such noted artists as Duane Hansen who stressed the importance of drawing and learning the basics.  A job transfer in my 20's landed my small family back up north.  We settled in the Highlands town of Ringwood in the Ramapo Mountains of New Jersey.  Heaven!!  Still having the desire to create I travelled to NYC and studied at the Art Student's League with various artists including Michael Burban for figure drawing and anatomy.  As exciting as the ASL was I began looking for something with an easier commute.  Lucky again, I found the Ridgewood Art Institute.  I studied traditional oil painting with Arthur Maynard, John P. Osborne and my beloved friend Betty Kaytes.  The RAI gave me the foundation I needed to build on in my pursuit of capturing the flow of light in my still life, floral and landscape paintings."


Robert P Hedden, Wellesley Island, NY  Bob is founder and event organizer of Plein Air Painters Thousand Islands Region, a chapter of Plein Air Painters, NY.  Bob also founded and organized 1st and 2nd Annual Artists' Studio Tour, 1000 Islands Region, NY. Others picked up the effort and conducted the 3rd and the 4th which is scheduled for May 23,24, 2015. Typically over 25 artist participate at 20 studio locations.  His passions are plein  air painting  and studio created landscapes in his studio on Wellesley Island, as well as figure painting for which he has been attending courses for six years at Saint Lawrence College, Brockville Ontario. His inspirations comes from the 1000 Island Region, the Adirondacks, and travel. Bob plans a trip to Italy's Amalfi Coast this April for two weeks of self directed plein air painting. He also teaches beginning to intermediate plein air painting  mid, June to mid July, at the Nature Center in Wellesley Island State Park


Tina Yannotti Burgess, Geneva, NY.  After attending Plein Air Painting classes in 2006, I discovered that painting with oil was my passion.  Being able to mix paint on the canvas, and the fact that it didn’t dry right away, I could discover more colors and could move the paint around with more freedom. Oil painting wasn’t the only thing discovered.   While painting local marinas, farms, and parks in the Finger Lakes I realized how lucky am to live in such a naturally beautiful area.  It was the serenity I felt in the presence of this area that compelled me, and brought out my passion to want to put that feeling and that beauty on canvas




Susan Beadle, Queensbury, NY  "I am a social historian at heart. The combination of history and people and events that bind them in a compelling story have always been my passion.  It is the story and the emotions that intrigue me.  To that end, when I stopped teaching history I started to interpret my interest through art.  Art became my new passion and a new means of exploration.  Art is ancient and personal  Art is emotional and compelling.  Art is the human condition."


Drina C. Kay, Cape Vincent, NY. After retirement as a theatre teacher/director in Virginia,  Drina Connors Kay, welcomed the opportunity to travel, write, and paint. Her love of set design & decor inspired her to take watercolor classes. Later she accepted house sitting assignments all over the US and Canada, and eventually settled in Cape Vincent, NY, telling friends and family that the Thousand Islands is the perfect spot to write and paint. Her Red House Studio sits in the heart of the village and is open by appointment.  Kay is also part of the TI Memorial Weekend Artist Studio Tour;  a 2014 Judge’s Choice Award with TI Arts Center; and a member of the Breakwater Art Gallery. 


Catherine Whitehead, Glen Gardner, NJ My studio is outdoors. I see a painting in every direction! Nature has so much beauty to offer. For me, plein air painting is exhilarating. I love the energy and spontaneity that translates into the work. The whole experience is invigorating- the sunshine, rain, shivering in the cold, and sweating in the heat. I get bug bites, sunburn, and occasionally the wind makes off with my canvas. I’ve been pelted with hail, blasted with sand, and I have been completely delighted to see the first snow fly. The sound of moving water is so peaceful and calming. I can feel electricity in the air before a storm. I appreciate the smell of decaying leaves, ocean air, and fresh cut alfalfa. I’m aware of distant laughing and children playing, as well as the crack of a baseball hitting a bat. All of my senses are stimulated.  Plein air painting is truly a spiritual and humbling experience.

Jan Byington, Clayton, NY.  Inspired by the environments of Cape Cod, the Chesapeake Bay and the Thousand Islands, nature and man's creations have become muse for my art.  I look for the qualities that make each subject unique and capture those with brush and paint.  I study under artists in traditional oil methods and watercolor gave me a solid basis for continuing self study.  A founding member of Plein Air Painters Thousand Islands Region, painting on site gives me valuable information to use in the studio.  I hope my works evoke treasured feelings of your special places. 
Donna Glahn, Mountain Top, PA.  "I live in the Pocono area of Pennsylvania and reside at Black Lake in the summer, where I am inspired by the beauty of the Thousand Islands area.  I am a member of the River Arts Alliance and the Plein Air Painters Thousand Island Region (PAPTIR).  My focus in in watercolors, acrylics and mixed media.  I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, such as boats, fish, wildlife, homes and river scenes.  Since childhood, I have enjoyed creating art, eventually creating a logo for "Creative Craftsmen" and cover pages for "RCA" newsletters.  My passion is to capture realism in all of my paintings."


John McNally, Annandale, NJ.  An itinerant painter, John has created oil-sketches in the Delaware Valley, Finger Lakes, Adirondacks, Maine coast and Four Corners region.  Many of his images could easily be labeled "skyscapes."  Especially enamored of late-day light, he appreciates the race to capture a quickly changing scene, in work that strives to reveal the energy of the moving hand.  He won Second Place at Billsboro, and "Sandy's Award" at Saranac in 2013.  In 2014 he took first place at The Morristown Public Library Plein Air Festival.  He is scheduled for numerous plein air events throughout the East this summer and fall.


Cheryl LaBahn Simeone, Three Mile Bay, NY.  Hometown is Amsterdam, NY.  Received B.A. in Fine Art and Education from Johnson State College, Vermont in 1971.  Had 30 Graduate Hours in Art Education S.U.N.Y. Cortland.  Permanent N.Y. State certification to teach Art K-12.  Taught Art in Homer, NY for 2 years.  Became an at home mother for 5 years, then worked for Coleco Ind. and Longview Fibre, Amsterdam, NY in graphics for a total of 20 years.  Finally finished my working career working in Data Entry for New York State.  I retired in 2011.  I have 3 wonderful grown children each pursuing their careers, 2 in Amsterdam, 1 in Atlanta, GA.  Most recent award was at the Sacket's Harbor Plein Air Festival in 2014 where I was awarded second place for "Goodfello's" painting that was bought at auction by the owner of the restaurant. 


  Judy Soprano, Rochester, NY.   “I opened the door to my creativity and found my soul.”  I grew up on a farm so my love for rural scenes is easily seen in all of my paintings.  I love the way farmers construct barns and sheds on their farms.  It seems to me to be very creative for one barn to be built then the add-ons come as the years go on and as the needs arise.  My next love is trees.  I love them in winter when you can see their bones.  And next comes the shadows.  The way shadows run across the land…I can see them moving when I paint them into a winter scene.  I work in both oil and watercolor but I love to draw…my sketch pad is my constant companion.  I can’t think of a better way to say it and it sounds like very poor grammar but I can’t NOT paint…I feel that my life has been enriched in many ways; my husband, my children and my obsession of creating art.



 Pam Morley, Ogdensburg, NY.  Pam started oil painting in the 1980's through adult education classes taught by Ogdensburg artist Pam Charron.  In 2012 she retired from teaching and pursued her passion for painting.  Living in Florida in the winter brought many opportunities for art classes in oils and acrylics.  From landscapes to portraits, every painting is as new challenge.




Chrissy Pahucki, Pine Island, NY.  Chrissy is a painter and art educator living in the Hudson River Valley who enjoys camping, canoeing, hiking and gardening.  She paints en plein air and also landscapes and nature studies from photographs.  Chrissy has painted in the Adirondack Plein Air Festival since 2008.  Chrissy is a represented artist of the Wallkill River School Gallery. 


Kendra Schieber, Corinth, NY  Kendra loves capturing the early morning dew in the orchard or vineyards and the deep shadows that a late afternoon's light will cast.  Conveying the feeling of that moment on linen with oil paints in a way that communicates it to the viewer - that is her ever present challenge and enjoyment.



Bell Chevigny, New York, NY.  When Bell retired from teaching literature, she took up painting.  She has come north all her life to the cabin her grandfather built in 1912, and has recently begun to paint there.





Lisa Hackett, Baltimore, MD  Lisa is a Program Coordinator at Oak Crest Village. Over the years she has illustrated various projects for the Charlottesville Peace Center, for businesses and commissioned portraits. She has been an annual exhibitor at the National Arts Program at Johns Hopkins.





Amy Forgit, Watertown, NY  Amy grew up in the North Country spending summers on the St. Lawrence River. "The River is a special place for me where I feel connected to nature and it helps me feel relaxed and grounded. I studied Political Science and minored in Art at SUNY Cortland. My family and I have settled in the North Country and I am currently a Registered Nurse at Watertown High School. I am looking forward to participating in this year's Plein Air Festival and waking up my creative side.".





Tarryl Gabel, Poughkeepsie, NY Tarryl is an award winning Hudson Valley Artist, was born and raised on a cattle ranch on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, ND.  She was inspired and encouraged by her grandfather, a self-taught western artist.  Tarryl had the honor to be chosen to paint an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree.  At that time, "Our Country's National Parks" was the theme of the decorations and her ornament represented the Franklin D. Roosevelt's Home.  She was invited to and attended a special reception at the Whtie House.  The ornament will remain a part of their permanent colleciton.  Her work is displayed in many private and corporate collections around the country and abroad.


Sue Benedict, Rush, NY.  "I have painted off and on all my life but have only painted en plein air for 5 years.  I love the challenge of trying to capture the light at the moment.  The natural world is a dynamic place and painting it is a lot of fun.  I received my graduate and under graduate degrees from RIT.  After teaching for five years I established Archer Advertising and spent my career preparing camer-ready material and doing technical writing.  The past 10 years of painting and sharing 'paint' with family and friends have brought me great joy."



Linda Palmer, Redwood, NY.  1962 graduated from University of Cincinnati BS in Design.  Group Shows.  Single shows.  '05-'15 Signature member of Central NY Watercolor Society.  '12 - '15 member of Lakeland Art Guild.



Faye Ingerson, Clayton, NY  A lifelong resident of Clayton, NY an attribute that inspires each of her paintings.  From the river to the forest, her use of color is a trademark feature that quickly captivates the eye.  While her pieces convey the awe inspiring majesty of God's handiwork - a subject of paramount importance for Faye - she hopes her audience also sees the quirky side of each painting, reflecting her own character and the 'oddities in all of us.


Drayton Jones, Fayetteville, NY I have always enjoyed drawing so I draw everyday, carry my sketchbook everywhere I go. I zero in on something that I find interesting; then I try to express it so that it creates the same enthusiasm for others. I love the spontaneity, immediacy and boldness that you can achieve with watercolor.  A few awards: Watercolor West St. Cuthbart's Mill Award 2005, Daler Rowney Award 2007, Combined Merchandise Award 2012, Central NY Watercolor Society Artistic Merit-Judges Choice.



William Christopherson, Watertown, NY .  William is a recognized plein air landscape artist from Upstate New York, having received award recognition at many juried art shows, including the Central Adirondack Show, Old Forge, NY; the Along The Rivers Edge Art Show, Thousand Islands, and the annual Sackets Harbor Annual Art Show.  He travels to destinations inlcuding the Maine Coast, Florida, and Europe/Mediterranian to create his unique artworks on location.  William is an annual invited artist to the Central Adirondack Plein Air Paintout each September.  His passion for painting landscapes and seascapes was nurtured during his 30 year career as a landscape architect with the NY State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, retiring in 2008 to devote full time to his artwork pursuits.


Judith Sterling, Massillon, OH.  Judith Sterling is a graduate of Kent State University with a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts. Judith achieved top awards in Honors college at Kent State receiving Summa Cum Laude .  Judith studied at the Lorenzo Do Medici in Florence, Italy. She has also studied at Penland in North Carolina and Laloba Arts in Colorado. Judith is an artist of multiple talents starting her career as an oil painter the first twenty years. She went on to embrace ceramics and sculpture. While studying in Florence, Italy she learned marble sculpting. Currently Judith has designed a line of silver and copper jewelry that embraces concepts of repoussé, metal-smithing, and gem setting. Oil painting as her original muse still calls to her as rainbow that glows as the sun after the rain. Nature and the turn of leaf ...the organic form sing throughout Judith's designs and paintings. Judith Sterling believes that as an artist we bring a unique perspective to the world that you may miss, or never opportunity to see through another's eyes.


Jerry S. Merrill, Rodman, NY.   Teacher, counselor, insurance agent.  Husband, father, grandfather.  Painter, ink drawer, snow sculpting for 30 years around globe. 



Kathy Ann Morris, Canandaigua, NY  Kathy Morris, retired English teacher, has always wanted to create art. Workshops and
classes fueled this desire to broaden experiences, in oil and watercolor, seeking to improve.
"It's essential to create and challenge oneself, and exciting and rewarding when a work speaks
to another. Having donated to other fundraisers, she's pleased for this opportunity at the Morristown
Plein Air Festival.


Lawrence Paganelli, Pleasant Valley, NY